Additional User Access to Categorized Content

Permissions on Record Categories define how organization members (individual users or AD Groups), regardless of their role as defined on the Users and Groups page, get access to features for categorized and uncategorized content. See the sections on Configuring Security Groups and How to Assign Permissions to a Record Category for more details.

These users and their permissions are granted access to content in addition to users who otherwise have access to the content from the source systems. These permissions do not supersede or remove other users' access to content in Collabspace or the source system. 

IMPORTANT: Users with the Discovery Administrator role will be able to download, export, view and edit content items they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, regardless of categorization and Security Group permissions.


Downloading and Exporting Categorized Content

If the Download categorized content permission is included in a Security Group assigned to a Record Category, members of the Security Group will be able to download and export items under that category.

In search results, access the context menu by right-clicking on an item row or clicking the ellipsis icon. Click Download to start downloading the item to your computer.


Alternatively, items can be downloaded through the Lifecycle Details page, by navigating to the Versions tab and clicking the Download button. By default, the drop-down list will be set to the latest version of the content item. By selecting a different version in the drop-down list, a user can then download a copy of the item as it was at another point in time.


Note that if the Download categorized content permission is not given, and the user attempts to schedule an export which contains categorized items, those items will not be added to the export. This is implemented as a second line of defence against unauthorized exports of content.

More information can be found in the article on Exporting Search results.

Viewing Categorized Content

“Viewing” refers to a user’s ability to see the contents of a categorized document or e-mail (without the need to download and open it) by accessing either the Preview panel or the Lifecycle Details page.

The contents of the e-mail, Word document, PDF, images, etc. will be displayed on the left in the Preview panel or Lifecycle Details page if the user is a member of a Security Group with the View categorized content permission assigned to the content item’s Record Category.



If View categorized content permission has not been assigned and the user is not a Discovery Administrator, then no contents will be displayed in either the Preview panel or the Lifecycle Details page.