How to Manually Categorize Content

Collabspace supports the manual application of Record Categories to content items. The extent to which a user can categorize content under a specific Record Category or search for categorized content is governed by the permissions and membership configured in the Security Group for a given Record Category. See the sections on Configuring Security Groups and How to Assign Permissions to a Record Category for more details.

Applying a Record Category to Content through Search

To start categorizing content manually, first conduct a search, basic or advanced, to get a list of results to work with. Note that a user needs to belong to a Security Group with the Categorize content permission assigned to a Record Category in order to be able to categorize an item under that category. If displayed in the results grid, the Collabspace Record Category column will show the code and title of a Record Category for any categorized content.


Categorizing a Single Item

In search results, bring up the contextual menu by clicking the ellipsis (...) icon for a specific row, or right-clicking anywhere on a row. Select Preview in the contextual menu to display a panel, or simply double-click the row to get to the same panel directly.


In the Preview panel, click the Edit button to display user-definable properties. For the time being, only Record Category will be visible in the form.


If the user belongs to a Security Group which is applied to a Record Category, and the Categorize content permission is given, then that Record Category can be applied to content. You can find a Record Category by either code or title, and any matches will be displayed in the suggestions box, grouped by their respective File Plans.


Select the desired Record Category by clicking on it, or use the Up/Down arrow and Enter/Tab keys instead. The resulting button will display the code and title of the Record Category and an X icon, which can be used to remove the categorization. To change to a different Record Category, first remove the original categorization and then search again. Click Save when you’re finished.


Only one Record Category can be applied to a content item. Categorizing content is an asynchronous process and you may not see the Record Category updated immediately upon saving.

Close the Preview panel and click the Reload button. Within a few seconds the Record Category will become an additional property on the content item.


Tip: Use the Display and Sort options to add the Collabspace Record Category column to the search results grid, so you can see the applied categorizations for content items.

Once an item has been categorized, the Record Category will be displayed in the Preview panel.


Another way to categorize a single item is to navigate to its Lifecycle Details page. Use the Lifecycle Details option in the context menu;


or click the Lifecycle Details button in the Preview panel.


A new browser tab will open, with the Lifecycle Details page. To display the Edit properties panel, click the Edit button.


Apply a Record Category by selecting it from the suggestions box inside the Edit properties panel. Unlike the Preview panel, after saving the Record Category, the Lifecycle Details page will automatically reload and the categorization will be immediately visible alongside other properties in the Overview tab.


Categorizing Multiple Items

This feature is under development.

Changing or Removing a Record Category

Single Item

To remove the categorization and re-categorize content manually, a user needs to be a member of a Security Group with the Manage categorized content permission assigned to the Record Category which is currently applied to the content item. Access the Preview panel by using the context menu or double-clicking on an item row in search results, then, in the panel, click the Edit button.


If the user has the necessary permissions, the Record Category will display an X icon. Clicking the icon will remove the categorization, at which point the user can save. Alternatively, another Record Category can be searched for and applied after the original categorization is removed.


The same steps can be followed if you’re accessing the Edit properties panel through the Lifecycle Details page.


Multiple Items

This feature is under development.