Basic Search Syntax Tips

Collabspace Search functions very similar to many of the major search engines. Anything that is typed into the basic search box will be compared against all field values, including the name, content, and any other metadata that has been collected by Collabspace. 

However, depending on your search terms, this may return too much content, making it difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. In order to assist with getting more specific search results, there are two major options we have provided. 

The first is Advanced Search, which allows you to search on specific metadata columns. Advanced Search is described here.

The second way is to use special search syntax within the basic search itself. These can be  powerful and are very simple to use. This guide will describe all of the available search syntax and how it is used.



Prefix Syntax


Prefix Syntax allows you to narrow the scope of your search to a single content source. 

Prefix Content Source Default Columns
ex: Exchange Collabspace ID, File Name, From, To Recipients, CC Recipients, Content Location, Content Summary
sp: SharePoint Online Collabspace ID, File Name, Title, Content Location, Content Summary
od: OneDrive

Collabspace ID, File Name, Title, Content Location, Content Summary

Prefixes are most useful when you are attempting to look for content from a single source and want to ensure that no other content sources will be interfering with the results.


Operator Syntax


Operator Syntax allows you to alter the way that the search terms are presented, resulting in different search results. Note that the AND, NOT, and OR operators must be upper case

Operator Purpose Usage Notes Example
AND Look for both search terms Both terms must be present in the search result Invoice AND NDA
NOT Exclude search term Exclude any results that have the search term present Invoice NOT Contract
OR Look for either one search term or the other Only one term must be present in any given search result Invoice OR Contract
" " Look for an exact phrase Search result must have the exact phrase; does not work with partial words "Invoice for Sam"
( ) Group sections of the search Allows for more complex combinations of the above operators (Invoice OR Contract) AND (NDA OR "Non-Disclosure Agreement")
* Wildcard Partial match; best used when there is uncertainty around the spelling or conjugation of a word Agree*

Using operators in your basic search query will normally result in fewer results, making for greater relevance of those results. Make sure to leverage these simple operators when attempting to track down an important document.