How to Install the Collabspace App in SharePoint Online

Collabspace accesses the records in your SharePoint Online site collections using a SharePoint Online provider-hosted Add-In. The Add-In must be installed in your SharePoint Online tenant’s App Catalog and added to each SharePoint Online site collection that you will manage records before the site can be configured as a content source.


Installation Prerequisites

  1. SharePoint Administrator or Global Administrator account to sign into the SharePoint Online Admin Center
  2. SharePoint Online App Catalog (instructions to create provided)
  3. Site collection administrator account to deploy the Collabspace Add-in to a site collection


Download the Collabspace Add-In

Collabspace Add-in version 1.0.2017.20 (Product Id: 61CB6CD6-9799-4879-909C-0DCECE5BDA98)

Extract the file contained in the zip and store it in a place that will be available in later steps.


Installing the Collabspace Add-in to SharePoint Online App Catalog

  1. As a SharePoint Admin or Global Admin, sign into the SharePoint Online Admin Center (e.g.
  2. In the left-hand navigation, click Classic Features
  3. Under Apps, click Open
  4. Click App Catalog
    1. If an App Catalog has not yet been configured, you can create it now. Follow the steps in Creating the SharePoint Online App Catalog, and return here once created.
  5. In the App Catalog, in the left hand navigation, click Apps for SharePoint
  6. Click Upload
  7. Browse to the location where you extracted the file and upload.
  8. Once uploaded, the Collabspace Add-in will appear in the list of Apps for SharePoint.


It can take up to 30 minutes before the Collabspace Add-in is available in site collections. Keep the App Catalog open as it may be needed in later steps.



Add the Collabspace Add-In to a SharePoint Online Site Collection

  1. As a Site Collection Administrator, sign into a SharePoint Online site collection that requires records management with Collabspace.
  2. Click the Gear and select Add an App
    a. 2.jpg
    b. In OneDrive sites the Gear is not available. Instead, change the URL in the address bar from /onedrive.aspx to /viewlsts.aspx. On the Site Content page, click the Gear and select Add an app

  3. Locate the Collabspace add-in and click it to add to the site collection
          a. You may receive a message “You can’t add this app here.” Click the Find out why link.
          b. Click the Request Approval link
          c. Enter a reason and click Request
    d. Return to the App Catalog and in the left navigation click App Requests
          e. Click the Collabspace item link
          f. Review the details on the Approve or Reject App Requests page, and click Approve to
             approve adding the app to the site collection      
          g. In the site collection, return to the Add an App page and click the Collabspace Add-in

  4. In the Do you trust window, click Trust It
  5. The Collabspace Add-in will appear in the list of site contents. It may appear disabled while it is being installed.
  6. Once the Collabspace Add-in has completed installation, it will appear enabled in the site contents list
  7. This SharePoint Online site collection is now available to be added as a Connector in Collabspace. See How to Connect to a Content Source to continue.



Creating the SharePoint Online App Catalog

  1. If an App Catalog has not yet been created, SharePoint Online will prompt you to create it.
  2. Select Create a new app catalog site and click OK
  3. Enter information about the App Catalog
  4. Click OK

You will be returned to the Apps settings page. It can take 15-20 minutes for the App Catalog to be created and configured within the Tenant. If you click App Catalog at this point it may still prompt you to create an App Catalog. Do not create a second app catalog, simply wait 15-20 minutes.


After 15-20 minutes, when you click App Catalog, it should open the App Catalog site.