How to Install the Collabspace App in SharePoint Online

Collabspace requires the Collabspace App to be installed in your SharePoint Online site before it can be configured as part of a content source.

Download the Collabspace SharePoint Add-in here.


The first step to install the Collabspace App in your SharePoint sites is to upload it to the App Catalog. Once available from your App Catalog, you can add it to any sites that are to be used as a SharePoint connector to the Collabspace content source.  Without adding the Collabspace App to the SharePoint site, it cannot be added as a connector to a Collabspace content source.


First, confirm that there is a SharePoint App Catalog in your SharePoint Admin Center.


If there is no App Catalog, there will be an opportunity to create one. The App Catalog functions like any other SharePoint site. If you already have an App Catalog, clicking the link above will navigate to it.


Next, we want to create an App for SharePoint. Click on the link on the left side.

The Apps for SharePoint page functions like a SharePoint list, and adding the Collabspace App involves uploading it like any other document. You can obtain the Collabspace App here:


Click the Upload link to upload the Collabspace App to your App Catalog. 



Once you have uploaded the App, it will be in the list of SharePoint App.


At this point, the App may take up to 30 minutes to install. But after this is complete, the App will now be available to be added to a Site.

Logged in as a SharePoint Administrator, click the gear and select the Add an App option.

If you are adding the App to a OneDrive Site, then the gear will not show the Add an App link. 

Getting to the Add an App page requires more steps. From the OneDrive page, change the URL from /onedrive.aspx to /viewlsts.aspx

Once you are on the Site Contents page, you can click the gear to get access to the Add an App page.

A list of available Apps will be displayed. Click the From Your Organization link on the left navigation menu to see Apps from the App Catalog.

The Collabspace App should be at the top of the list as the newest app. 

If you see the message "You can't add this app here", there could be a few reasons. Most likely, it has not yet been approved by the App Catalog Approver. Click the Find out why link and follow the instructions to request the app be approved. 

To approve the App, you must be back on the App Catalog site, this time on the App Requests.

If the App has been requested, click on the request link and approve it.

Once the Collabspace App is approved, adding it to a SharePoint Site means clicking the App and approving it on the Site.

At this point, the SharePoint Site can be added as a Connector in Collabspace. The guide to Add Connectors is located here.