How to Disable a Content Source

If there is a need to stop Partial Crawling (crawling new items as they are added or updated), clicking the Enable/Disable flag will turn it off. This will not delete any previously indexed content or prevent that content from being searched. 

Navigate to a Content Source in Administration.

The Connector as a whole must be disabled.

Once a Connector is disabled, a message will be displayed.

Note that if the connector is in the middle of crawling when it is disabled, the crawl will immediately stop. Any items that were not crawled will not be crawled. 

Once a Connector is enabled again, the next crawl will perform a delta, collecting the latest version of all the items that changed. This means any updates in between the previous version and the current version will be lost, so be mindful when Disabling a Connector.

To individually remove an AD Group or SharePoint Online Site, select it and click the Remove button. 

Any Content Sources that are removed will follow the same behaviour as if the entire Connector were disabled. If that Content Source is added again at a later date, the same delta is performed.