How to Create an Organization

Collabspace is built around Organizations. An Organization is a group of users and Content Sources, allowing access to the Content through Search. Organizations can be connected to multiple Content Sources across different regions. It is possible to belong to more than one Organization, and users can switch between them easily. Depending on the business needs, it might be appropriate to split the users into more than one Organization.  

Navigate to Collabspace and enter your login credentials.  

When you first login to Collabspace, you will likely not belong to an Organization. If this is true, then you will be taken to the Organization creation page. If you think you should be part of an Organization but you are still being forwarded to the creation page, then it is possible you have not yet been added as a User to the Organization. The guide will explain adding Users to Organizations later. 

Enter in an Organization name and select the region most appropriate for the company. There is always a chance to add more regions, so just select a default region for now.  

Once everything is ready, click the Continue button 

Collabspace will ask for some additional information. It is for the Primary Contact details, not necessarily the current user's details. The Organization can be created regardless if this information is changed to be a different user. 


If you have not already done so, ensure that you are familiar with the Terms & Conditions. 


After the Organization creation is finished, the Dashboard will load, a landing page for all Collabspace Users. The Organization has been successfully created. This is only the first step in getting Collabspace set up, so let's continue on.