How to Export Search Results

Once you have located the file you are looking for, it is possible to download a copy of it to your local machine. Keep in mind that the file might still exist in its original location, so it isn't always necessary to download or export; always keep to reduce duplicated content. 


However, if the file no longer exists, is inaccessible in its original location, or there is a requirement to export the content to an external location, then you can either download or export the archived items in Collabspace.  


Download is an option that can work on a small scale. If you just need to download a single item, or perhaps the Export was unable to complete due to a large file, then simply select an item from the search result and clicking the Download button to download it. 

But in most cases, especially for FOI or GDPR requests, a full export of all applicable content will be required. This is what the Export feature is for. It will bundle up all search results into a zip file, including the items themselves as well as their metadata. 


Execute a search and click the Export button. 


Alternatively, you can select the desired items and click export. 


A panel will open and prompt you to give this export a name. Enter a name for the export and click the Export button. 


Exports are scheduled, and then a job will package up the contents. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to hours, depending on the size of the contents and the number of items. 


During this time, the export will have a status of Pending on the Exports page.

There is a cancel button if you change your mind.

Once the Export is complete, you will see more information about the export.


Before you can click the Download button, you must install the Collabspace Downloader Client. Click the Install button to start the process. The Collabspace Download Client is a light-weight application that can be installed without Administrator permissions. 




When the App opens, you will have to sign in using your credential to access the downloading via the Collabspace Download Client.


it will instruct you to return to Collabspace to click the download link on your Export.

Clicking the Download link will start the export process. If desired, the Export can be deleted as well.


Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to allow the Downloader App to open.


You must select a Download Location to start the Export. Click either Browse or Start Download and select an appropriate folder.

Finally, click the Download button to start downloading the export.

The download will occur quickly, and you should see the progress bar indicates the overall progress.

If any of your items failed to download, click the Retry Failed button. 

Once the download is complete, there is the option to download the items again.

If the Item you are exporting does not have any contents (for example, SharePoint List Items or Document Sets), there will a different message. However, the Metadata associated with that Item will still be exported. 

If a download is stopped or closed in the middle, clicking the Download button again on the Exports page will allow you to restart the download. You will not be required to download items that have already been downloaded again.