How to Save a Search

Some searches have long term value and can be repeatedly used as a status check of the system or as part of a normal business process. In these situations, saving the search criteria can save a lot of time.  

If you are viewing either Basic or Advanced Search Results, click the Save Template As button when you have completed a search. 


If you are configuring an Advanced Search, the template can be saved at any time.


You will be prompted for a Search Template Title and Description.  


After you've named it appropriately, click the Save button in the bottom right. You now have a search that can be used repeatedly! 

There are three ways to select Saved Search Templates. You can either click the Saved templates button below the Advanced Search button on the top bar, you can navigate to the Search Home Page through the Menu, or you can see them on the Advanced Search page.  




If you navigate to the Search Home Page, all Saved Templates will be listed below the keyword search. 



If you click the Saved templates button on the bar, there will be a panel that lists the Saved Templates 


When you are on the Advanced Search page, all Saved Search Templates will be listed on the right side.


On the Saved Search Template panel, if you click on a Saved Search, it will execute right away and return the results. If you are on the Advanced Search page, clicking on a Saved Search Template will open its configuration. To update the Search, you can click the three dots on the far right to open the Saved Search menu. 


Clicking Edit will bring you back to the Search Query, clicking Delete will remove the Saved Query, and clicking Rename will allow you to update the name and description.

If you choose to update a Saved Query, you have the option to either save over the original query or to create a new one.  

Click the Search button to run a Saved Search Query.

When running a Saved Query, the option to edit it will always be present.  


If you have not made any changes to the Query, then the Save template button will be disabled; however, if you update the Display and Sorting options, the changes can be saved to the Template. 



Finally, if you are on the Advanced Search page and you are updating a Saved Search Template, you can click Add query to add additional queries to the Search Template.