How to Update Organization Settings

One of the first steps to completing the setup is to ensure that the Organization details are configured.  

Click on the menu button in the top left of the page, then navigate to Administration. 


The Home page of Administration displays the details of your Organization. The first tab contains the Organization's Contact Information and the second tab contains Region and Language settings.


The people listed under the Contact Information will be entered into Collabware's Customer Database in case we need to contact the person responsible for specific operations, so it is a good idea to enter this information as soon as possible. 



Your can manage the region and language settings from the Home page as well. 


Regions determine where Content will be stored, and it allows your company to separate data by jurisdiction. When a User searches for information, it will be separated based on the Region, to ensure that data is not stored in a jurisdiction that is inappropriate.  

If you wish to have Collabspace available in multiple languages, simply click the Manage Languages button and enable additional languages. All available languages will be displayed. This will alter the input fields, allowing for multiple metadata values that are displayed based on the language settings of the browser. 


Once this has been done, the Organization details are configured.


The last thing to explore is the Licenses page. Click on the Licenses link on the navigation panel. 


All of the details of the Organization's licenses will be displayed here. 


On the Licenses page, the individual User counts and how many remaining Licenses are displayed. There will also be information outlining what each license provides a User will access to. Click the link to contact Collabware if additional licenses are required. 


The next step is to begin adding Users.